Philadelphia: Get Set For Spring 2018

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the desire for bright, fresh, inspiring decor. This season’s top trends have popped up everywhere- Circular shapes, brass finishes, and rich, jewel tones have been named some of the hottest trends in decor this Spring. Although inspiring, this information overload can also make you wonder, how do I put together a trend-forward space that fits my life and my budget? We sat down with the powerhouse design duo Kiley Baun & Betsey Helm, of Philadelphia-based Shophouse Design, to answer a few of our questions.

Kiley Baun & Betsey Helm of Shophouse Design.

1. Spring is just around the corner and it seems that everyone is celebrating with vibrant, jewel tones. What colors do you foresee being the most popular in home decor this season?

Right now, we are loving most shades of green. Using multiple tones throughout the space is fresh and cohesive.

2. What are the best home accents for creating a modern, yet inviting space?

Timeless and classic pieces in light colors create a perfect backdrop for new more trend-forward pieces to be swapped in and out. A clean-lined sofa or chair with a textured blanket always looks inviting. A planted tree adds some cheer as well.

3. For those who don’t have a high budget for home decor, what on-trend pieces do you recommend splurging on?

We suggest a couple of pillows in a designer fabric, or a statement throw blanket. A structural bowl for fruit or flowers goes a long way. Also a Diptique candle – the branding is so elegant and dresses up any space.

4. Patterns & Prints seem to be everywhere in 2018- What’s the best way to use them without overwhelming the space?

If our clients ask to incorporate trends, we encourage them to try to stay away when it comes to the envelope of your home. We suggest adding them in with accents, like incorporating prints and patterns in accessories while keeping the envelope neutral. Some bold printed or floral pillows or a piece of art is a great way to layer some pattern into your home.

5. What are your personal favorite trends for Spring 2018?

We are loving a slight return to 80’s design in the shape and structure of furniture we are seeing. Kelley Wearstler has some great new pieces that are a nod to the era but re-imagined in such a great way.

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