Washington Square West

Washington Square, originally called “Southeast Square”, was founded in 1682 as one of the five original squares envisioned by William Penn and his surveyor, Thomas Holme. Quirky and heartwarming tales of history fill this area, such as the first flight by a human in the America’s, when Jean Pierre Blanchard ascended in his hot-air balloon from the Walnut Street Prison and the “Moon Tree”, a sycamore planted in Washington Square, which grew from seeds that had been carried to the moon on Apollo 14. Bordered by Center City to the north and Bella Vista to the south, Washington Square sits in an ideal area of the city. The school district of Philadelphia serves the Washington square community, with students zoned to General George A. McCall Elementary & Middle School, Constitutional High School and Charter High School for Architecture and Design. Local Restaurant highlights include: Talula’s Garden (210 W. Washington Sq), Tria Café Wash West (1137 Spruce St) and Vetri (1312 Spruce St.)