What to Ask When Purchasing New Construction

  1. Who is the developer of the property/project?
  2. What other properties are in their portfolio?
  3. Can I see other properties that they have completed & speak to past clients?
  4. Who are the people in charge of overseeing the construction?
  5. How long will take to complete the build and what happens if you don’t make the date?
  6. Are there any special financing incentives for the project?
  7. What are the standard features in the homes?
  8. Do you offer any energy saving features in your homes?
  9. Will I have the opportunity to make additional upgrades after construction begins and when is payment due?
  10. Are there deadlines to select finishes?
  11. When do extras have to be paid front or at closing?
  12. How often and when will I be allowed to tour the home once construction has started?
  13. Is there a list of vendors that I will need to meet with?
  14. Am I limited to only using the vendors of the developer’s choice or will there be an allowance?
  15. What will the taxes be?
  16. Have they submitted the correct paperwork and applied for abatement, if applicable?
  17. Will I be able to have a home inspection?
  18. Will there be any homeowners association?
  19. How quickly will punch list items be completed after the final walk through?
  20. Does the home come with a builder’s warranty?